Our Philosophy


Our world is broken because its controlled by people hiding behind algorithms, "policy" and entitlement. 

To break this system, we need more free artists who see beyond the hypocrisy and have the resources to design better systems.

 Our mission at Bathtub, beyond serving great coffee and affordable food, is to help artists develop and sell their best work, so they can help erode the systems of control.

We have 3 guiding principles:

1. Learn as we go

As people, we're quick to judge each other. And this fear of judgement often keeps us from taking action.

At Bathtub, we encourage each other and our guests to put it out there, even if it's not quite perfect yet. 

Because we know that with each iterative effort, our projects and ideas get better. 

When you visit Bathtub, you'll see a lot of "unfinished projects" and imperfections. We'll cycle around to improving them, when they get to the top of our list again.

In the mean time, we'd rather have something in place than nothing, and we hope that this willingness to be wrong rubs off on our highly-creative customers.

2. Leave the campsite cleaner than we found it

When you visit Bathtub Coffee, we hope that you feel better when you leave than when you arrived.

By creating a moment of care with your coffee, food and in our interactions with our guests, we meet that goal most of the time. 

This also extends to our environmental footprint. We're fully aware of the waste our business creates, and we regularly look for ways to do more with less. That's why we recently switched from plastic straws to biodegradable ones. 

Finally, we want Bathtub to have a positive impact on the community. We want it to be a place where people can create and connect, which helps make Bisbee's vibrant community even stronger. 

3. Encourage others to create and connect

When coffee shops first began to appear in London in the 1650s, they immediately began to break down the rigid social order of Medieval England. It was the only place where people of different social classes and backgrounds could meet and talk in a stimulating, egalitarian environment. 

We're in the coffee business because coffee shops are places of growth, change and revolution. Where thoughts evolve and projects come to life. 

When you visit Bathtub, we may ask you about your work, introduce you to someone new, or just let you do your thing. And because we're not afraid of messing up, we're able to have real authentic interactions with our customers. 

We also directly support local art with our Art Business Cohort, by offering display space at a favorable commission, and by encouraging artists to visit us and do their work in our shop. We won't chase you away unless we really need the space. 


We offer accountability and creative routine-building to our staff, and to the community at large. If you want to build a daily habit of making art, join Push Button On for free.