Around the world, coffee shops are the best place for people of different backgrounds and viewpoints to meet and mix on even ground. 

Like all the best shops, Bathtub Coffee is a place to think, learn, share and grow. It's a place where culture is sustained and created. 

That's why Bathtub is full of subtle and obvious opportunities for people to interact, be playful and create. 

This is place you visit when you want new ideas. For us, that means striving towards these 3 principles:

1. Embrace Mistakes

We make great coffee, and for the price, our food is exceptional. But there's always room to grow. Our decor and our systems are always changing and improving. 

We iterate a lot, and that means making a lot of mistakes. It hurts our pride, but you don't grow if you're afraid to fuck up. 

Bathtub isn't a perfect space. Like all of us, it's a work in progress, and always will be.

2. Be honest, even when it hurts

When you respect someone, it means telling them how you really feel, even if it might hurt the relationship. 

At Bathtub, our mission is to help you leave feeling better than when you arrived, and we can't do that by putting on a fake smile. 

We strive to be human with our customers, and with each other. It's not always the best business decision, but it's the right thing to do. 

The world is short on honesty right now. 

3. Encourage others to create and connect

People come to coffee shops for stimulation. Usually that's a bit of caffeine, conversation and/or creative time. 

We're always looking for ways to encourage people to have new ideas, speak freely and do good work. 

If you have a suggestion about how we could improve our shop, please send it to me here

Morgan Oxley